About Associates

About Associates

Welcome to the new and improved WSPA Associates website.

This section has been redesigned to provide you, our valued allies and Associates, easy access to a searchable database of Associate members, upcoming events, information on important legislation and regulations that impact your business and opportunities to make your voice heard in the democratic process.

About the WSPA Associates

Together, we can make a difference

The WSPA Associates is a voluntary organization of diverse individuals and businesses who furnish goods and services to the petroleum industry.

Members of the WSPA Associates work together to ensure that our domestic petroleum industry remains a strong contributor to this region's vitality and quality of life. The group actively promotes and supports all aspects of petroleum and natural gas development and operations in the West.  WSPA Associates are committed to meeting the energy needs of the region in an environmentally responsible manner.

By bringing together companies and individuals that have a stake in the petroleum industry, WSPA Associates represent a persuasive force advocating for economic and environmental balance. Foremost among their activities are:


WSPA Associates often participate on the industry's behalf in public hearings on legislative and regulatory issues. Members have been invited to make presentations at the state and local level on such important issues as refining & offshore operations, pipeline and tanker transportation, air & water quality, safety and environmental remediation.


The WSPA Associates program keeps members up to date on public policy developments by holding issue awareness programs, hosting speakers at periodic membership meetings, and distributing communication materials. WSPA Associates also take part in community and education programs and share expertise on energy related issues by serving on a variety of committees and advisory groups.

Membership Benefits

The WSPA Associates program presents members with a unique opportunity to become better acquainted with industry colleagues and others who share a strong commitment to America's energy future. In addition to regularly scheduled programs and events, the WSPA Associates group publishes a membership directory with detailed information on the capabilities of member companies. The WSPA Associate members are also listed on WSPA's website: www.wspa.org. If the WSPA Associate company has a website, a hyperlink to that company is created from WSPA's web site.


Chapters are currently located in the Pacific Northwest, Santa Barbara/Ventura, Southern California, San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area. Each chapter operates independently by an elected Board of Directors and is supported by WSPA staff in the appropriate region.

To learn more about the WSPA Associates program or to join as a member, please download the WSPA Associates membership packet. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Elaine Delgadillo at (310) 808-2141.