Petroleum Industry’s Economic Reach is Wide and Deep

April 21, 2014

We take enormous pride in the fact that our industry supports jobs and services in every corner of the state, providing high-wage employment for hundreds of thousands of workers, putting billions of dollars directly into state and local economies and contributing substantial taxes that help pay for vital government services for all Californians.

WSPA Responds to City of Carson Oil Drilling Moratorium

March 20, 2014

The Carson City Council’s vote to stop all oil and natural gas exploration and production activities is an alarming development. The Council’s action appears to be a response to outside groups with little connection to the local community that are pursuing an aggressively anti-oil and natural gas agenda.

There is no scientific basis for the Council’s action. Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely and effectively to produce oil in California for more than 60 years without any harm to water supplies, air quality, or other environmental resources. It is unfortunate the City Council...