Crude Oil Supply

Crude Oil Supply

California is fortunate to have large supplies of crude oil within its boundaries.  Currently, approximately 584,000 barrels of oil are produced from California oil fields on a daily basis, making the state the third largest oil producing state in the nation.

Historically, crude oil production in California has been declining since the mid-1980s, the result of natural declines in oil reservoirs that have been producing oil more than 100 years.  Seventy percent of the oil produced in California comes from Kern County in the southern San Joaquin Valley and much of that oil is produced using enhanced oil recovery technologies like steam injection or water flooding.

Despite California’s rich energy resources, we produce only 38 percent of the oil we need every day.  To supplement our domestic energy resources, California imports 12 percent of the oil we need from Alaska and 51 percent from foreign sources.  The top three sources of foreign oil in 2012 were Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Ecuador.

Because California is not linked to other refining or crude oil production regions via pipelines, all of the oil we do not produce domestically must be delivered to the state in tankers.


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