Refinery Safety

Refinery Safety

Health and safety have been and continue to be the number one priority for the refining industry in the West. The industry is committed to protecting the health and safety of our workers, our neighbors, our contractors and the environment.  Western refiners already operate under the most stringent and comprehensive state and federal regulations and industry business standards, and maintain an excellent safety record.  Our goal is to constantly strive for improvements to eliminate workplace accidents that threaten the well-being of our workers and communities.

Refinery Safety by the Numbers

Despite the inherent risks that are present in an industrial environment, the refining industry has an exemplary safety record.  Extensive steps are taken to manage those risks and keep operations safe for all workers and the surrounding community.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
  • Refining is one of the safest industrial activities in the US, with fewer worker injuries than sectors such as education, retail sales, and financial services
  • The rate of non-fatal injuries among U.S. refinery workers declined by 36% between 2003 and 2011
  • Keeping Workers and Communities Safe

Keeping Workers and Communities Safe

In addition to complying with strict state, federal and local safety regulations, refiners operate under extensive self-imposed safety measures designed to provide maximum protection to our communities, workers and the environment. These include:
  • Extensive safety training of employees and contractors
  • Consistent usage of appropriate safety equipment
  • Ongoing review of safety, operating and emergency procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Frequent inspections, maintenance and repairs to equipment and machinery
  • Emergency response plans including prompt notification and updating to the public and local emergency response agencies
  • Prompt response to safety concerns or hazards identified by refinery personnel
  • Open communication with the community through individual refineries’ Community Advisory Committees consisting of community leaders and local government officials

Commitment to Excellence

Maximizing the safety of our facilities, the refining industry in the West is working closely with regulators to continuously ensure safe working conditions and further improve:
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Risk mitigation
  • Safe work practices
  • Operating practices
  • Process hazards analysis
  • Communication and outreach to the public