WSPA Comments On Clean Air Rule

Sacramento, CA // September 28, 2016 — Western States Petroleum Association President Catherine Reheis-Boyd statement on Washington State’s Clean Air Rule:

“WSPA and its member companies are in strong support of the lawsuit against the Washington State Department of Ecology because significant environmental evaluations and policy checkpoints, as required by law, were not adequately developed during the rulemaking of the ‘Clean Air Rule.’ WSPA helped provide the best technical experts from across the nation to participate in the rulemaking process, but the insights of these subject matter experts, who provided dozens of suggestions on how to make the rule balanced and workable, were ignored and the state chose not to use the valuable information that was abundantly offered throughout the process. Furthermore, the manner in which this Rule was put forth circumvents the Legislature and it is clear the Governor went beyond his constitutional authority by creating policy via executive order.”

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