WSPA States List

WSPA States List


California is both a major crude oil producing state and a regional refining center. California is the world’s third largest gasoline consuming market on earth, behind the United States as a whole and China. The 14 refineries in the state that produce gasoline and diesel supply consumers in all or a portion of California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Download more information on the petroleum industry in California.

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Arizona is home to some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States yet has no refineries and only minimal crude oil production. Gasoline and diesel is supplied through two major pipelines – one from California and one from the Texas Gulf Coast refining complex.

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Nevada receives virtually all of its gasoline and diesel fuel from California refineries. While transportation fuel consumption is relatively low in Nevada, consumption of jet fuel is disproportionately high due to large volume air traffic at Reno and Las Vegas airports. Three pipelines from California refining centers supply the bulk of the state’s fuel supply.

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Oregon has no crude oil production and no fuel-producing refineries. Gasoline and diesel are provided by refineries in Washington and Northern California, via pipeline, tanker trucks, ships and barges.

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Washington hosts five refineries in the Puget Sound area and supplies gasoline and diesel fuel to its own state consumers as well as consumers in Oregon. Portions of eastern Washington receive some petroleum products from refineries in the Rocky Mountain region. Historically, Washington’s refineries received crude oil from Alaska. But with Alaska production declining, much of the region’s crude oil comes from Canada through a major pipeline. Jet fuel consumption in Washington is high because several major Air Force bases are located there. Download more information on the petroleum industry's contributions to the Washington economy.

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