Supporting Health Care Workers During Crisis

In this time of crisis, when so many people across the country are feeling helpless, everyone is looking for a way to help.

We’re all learning how to cope with the new normal. And our employees are working day in and day out to provide the affordable, reliable energy our communities need to be safe, secure, and economically sound.

We know that the people on the front lines of this crisis – our doctors, nurses, hospital staff, senior care providers and more – may be experiencing the same economic anxiety and fears that face the general public. And we know that now, more than ever, it’s essential that they can get to and from work safely and reliably.

WSPA and our member companies have committed to supporting these workers during this crisis. No matter how they get to work, we don’t want them to have to worry about the cost of transportation.

Starting the week of March 30, we will be working with local government leaders in cities across California, Washington and Nevada to distribute gift cards to workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Let’s help the people who need it. Right now.

We’re grateful beyond measure for the sacrifice and selflessness shown by workers on the front lines during this crisis. Thank you to everyone working tirelessly to keep us healthy, safe, and supported.

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