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Proud to fuel hundreds of thousands of jobs and valuable revenue to state and local governments to fund public services.


$26 Billion Paid in Wages and Benefits in California

WSPA’s member companies create an essential economic foundation. The petroleum industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers in a wide range of high-paying jobs, from research, exploration, production and shipping to refining, delivery, sales, and company operations. The tens of billions of dollars in income from these jobs represent the aspirations of many generations of California families for improved education, health and quality of living.

Powering Your Daily Life

Our companies invest billions of dollars where we live and work, buying goods and services from local businesses that generate many thousands of additional jobs and income for working people to support their families and build vibrant communities.

Reliable fuels and other products give millions of consumers the mobility they need to go to work and school, get the essential goods and services of daily life, enjoy their leisure time, access health care and, when needed, respond to emergencies.

$21.6 Billion in CA State and Local Taxes

WSPA members also pay tens of billions in taxes every year that provide significant, dependable revenue and robust support for vital state, regional and local government- services like schools, roads and other infrastructure needs, health care, public safety, economic development, transportation and many more.

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