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WSPA member refiners keep California moving, providing thousands of jobs and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues that help drive our economy.


California's Boutique Blend of Fuel

California ranks third in the nation in oil refining capacity. The state’s 17 refineries – located in the Central Valley, Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area – have a combined capacity of nearly two million barrels per calendar day.

Gasoline, Diesel, and Aviation Fuels Keep California Businesses and Families Moving

Surpassing all other states in registered motor vehicles, the state’s commute times rank among the nation’s longest. The State Department of Transportation reports that vehicle miles traveled here topped 195 billion in 2016. WSPA member refiners work hard, operating at their facilities near capacity to supply the high demand for reformulated gasoline and low-sulfur diesel while meeting California’s strictest-in-the-nation environmental regulations, as well as federal requirements. California refiners invested billions of dollars upgrading their facilities to produce cleaner fuels.

We are an Integral Part of the Community

WSPA refiners get deeply involved in the communities where they do business. In addition to being major employers, California refineries furnish substantial financial and volunteer support to local schools and non-profit organizations. They also provide scholarships, internships and job-training programs as well as employment opportunities for workers at all education levels.

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