WSPA member petroleum refining companies place the highest priority on safety with a major commitment to protecting workers, communities, contractors and the environment.


California’s Refinery Industry is Among the Most Highly Regulated Industry of its Kind

Refiners operate under the most stringent and comprehensive government regulations and industry business standards, maintaining an excellent safety record that continues to improve. The companies conform to oversight and regulations from more than a dozen federal, state, regional and local agencies.

You're More Likely to be Hit by Lightning…

Despite the inherent risks in an industrial environment, the refining industry has an exemplary safety record and continuously focuses on making further improvements to prevent situations that may have the potential to impact the well-being of workers and communities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, refining is one of the safest industrial activities in the country, with fewer worker injuries than sectors such as education, retail sales, and financial services.

We Take Safety Personally

In addition to government regulations, refiners operate under extensive self-imposed safety measures designed to provide maximum protection to our communities, workers and the environment. These include extensive safety training of employees and contractors, consistent use of appropriate safety equipment, ongoing safety reviews, frequent inspections, emergency response plans, open relationships with local communities and many others.

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