A New Look for our Future

We are at a tipping point in how we produce, distribute, consume and benefit from energy. And while we know oil and gas will remain a vital part of our energy mix, we believe in order to shape a truly sustainable energy future, we must chart that course together, with everybody at the table.

It is with this in mind, that I’m excited to share a new logo to represent the next era of Western States Petroleum Association – one that represents the diversity of the nearly 150,000 women and men that our members employ in the West; one that reflects our more than 110-year heritage of promoting policies that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsible; and, most importantly, one that approaches the future of our industry mindfully and inclusively.

It’s time to remember that even if we don’t share the same politics, we all share the same future. And instead of allowing that future to unfold accidentally as the result of divisive rhetoric, let’s instead identify our common goals and work together to align the interests of our people, our planet, and our shared prosperity.

This is what a truly sustainable energy future requires. Because the question is not if oil and gas will play a role in that future, but what role we will play. We look forward to discovering our shared future … together.

Catherine Reheis-Boyd
WSPA President

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