Bans, mandates and bad policy impacts families, business and our economy

WSPA President and CEO Catherine Reheis-Boyd has issued the following in response to President Biden’s Letter to Oil Refiners:

“Our industry continues to be focused on providing affordable, reliable energy to the West and throughout the country.  In fact, U.S. refiners are running near or at capacity, and production is at post-COVID highs.  The President, governors and lawmakers should be focused on removing the policy hurdles being imposed on the energy industry that limit and discourage production and refining, which hurts the ability of American workers to provide the fuels needed to meet consumer demands.  Unfortunately, what we are seeing today is an example of the costs and significant impacts bans, mandates and policies that limit the type energy we can use have on our families and economy.

“This should be a wakeup call for our leaders. It’s time for a realistic discussion on energy policy and the role our industry must play to provide the energy our families and economy need now and for decades to come.”

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