WSPA Statement on AB 1745

Statement from WSPA President Catherine Reheis-Boyd on AB 1745


“WSPA and its member companies oppose AB 1745, a crude and overly simplistic proposal that will hurt the majority of California families and is also likely to undermine California’s current track of success in climate leadership.

“Californians need affordable and reliable transportation to commute to and perform jobs that sustain their families and build this state. Now, and for the foreseeable future, the best tool for that job are internal combustion engine vehicles.

“An all zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate implemented by AB 1745 would come at the expense of those who can afford it the least both financially and in lifestyle – lower and middle class working families.

“Our state’s climate policies should be more than symbolic or work for only small segments of our population, we should be focused on properly implementing the world-leading climate change and air quality programs already in place and supported by Californians.  That’s how we maintain a strong economy, protect jobs and effectively continue California’s climate leadership.”



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