Creating a Sustainable Energy Future Remains a Top Priority

While we all continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic on our daily lives, the industry is responding to meet both the needs of today while also maintaining our unwavering commitment to innovation and creating longer-term social and environmental change for a sustainable energy future.

Ensuring that consumers have access to reliable and affordable energy and doing our part to protect the environment at the same time remain top priorities for the oil and gas industry. Here are just a few examples of the sustainability efforts that are keeping us moving forward together.

  • Shell: Although the impact of the pandemic is growing, Shell is continuing to innovate to deliver energy responsibly. In its latest annual report, Shell highlights its plan for moving to a lower-carbon energy system by 2050. These efforts include working with various sectors and policymakers, investments in low-carbon technologies, and developing complementary approaches like carbon capture and storage and nature-based solutions to manage the difficult-to-avoid emissions. Technology plays a huge role in Shell’s sustainability efforts, making it possible to capture carbon, measure carbon uptake in nature, and use plastic waste as feedstock for chemical plants.
  • ExxonMobil: From the space orbit to ground operations, ExxonMobil is using its methane detection technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the oil and gas industry. ExxonMobil is leading testing for the most promising next-generation methane detection technologies at 1,000 sites in Texas and New Mexico, to identify effective, scalable solutions.
  • Chevron: For Chevron, enabling human progress is essential to sustainability, and it starts with protecting the environment, empowering society, and getting results the right way. In addressing climate change, Chevron operates on a framework for decision making and works with policymakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that meet environmental goals and ensure consumers have access to reliable and clean energy. With technology, Chevron is also able to innovate to unlock new opportunities safely and effectively. From temperature and thermal management of the production pipeline to hybrid umbilical technologies that relay reliable power, fluids, and communications between the subsea equipment and the platform, innovation runs deep at Chevron. To learn more about Chevron’s sustainability or innovation efforts, check out its 2019 Annual Report.

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