The Road to Reducing Mobile Emissions is Paved with Inclusive Innovation

Over the next twenty years, drastic changes to the world economy are expected to take place that will impact both the global energy landscape and the environment. With the world’s economic middle class expected to increase from 3 billion to 5 billion as the world economy nearly doubles in that time, and with global energy needs expected to rise by 25%, a significant portion due to mobile sources, developing innovative solutions is now more important than ever.

In order to reduce emissions and improve air quality in the quickest and most cost-effective manner, WSPA believes all innovative technologies and pathways should be considered to achieve these shared goals.

While fossil fuels will continue to play a prominent role in meeting the world’s growing energy demands, the oil and gas industry is committed to developing and bringing to market diverse energy sources that are efficient and beneficial to our shared goal of reducing global emissions while also improving air quality.

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