Water Management is Good for the Environment, Industry

A basic building block for all life on Earth, water is the most plentiful natural resource on the planet. And though it is abundant, it is also extremely valuable. For the oil and gas industry, the value of water can’t be overstated as it plays a critical role in developing and processing oil and natural gas. When effective water management strategies are implemented by leaders who regard this precious resource as an important part of their business operations, it leads to improved efficiencies, reduced production and operational costs, and most importantly, demonstrates their commitment to do right by the environment and the communities in which they live and operate. Here are just a few examples of oil and gas companies who have made conserving, reusing and recycling water an important part of their business operations. Aera’s San Ardo facility is 100% self-sufficient in water use, with 96% of the water they use being recycled produced water from within their own operations. Only 4% of the water they use comes from their own water wells. Berry Corporation believes water is a valuable resource and seeks to use it responsibly. The company produces the vast majority of the water it uses in its operations as part of its operations, treating and reusing water that is co-produced with oil and natural gas. California Resources Corporation’s – Through its ongoing investments in water conservation, treatment and recycling, CRC serves as a net water supplier to California agriculture, supplying three gallons of reclaimed water for every gallon of fresh water they purchase. In 2019, CRC supplied a company record 5.35 billion gallons of reclaimed water for California agriculture, more than double the amount the company supplied in 2015. CRC also recycles about 89% of its produced water, which preserves freshwater resources for California communities, agriculture, other industry sectors and environmental habitat. CRC is halfway to its 2030 Water Sustainability Goal of increasing the volume of its recycled produced water by 30% from the 2013 baseline. Chevron recognizes the value of water as a fundamental societal, environmental and economic resource. At Chevron’s Kern River Field, about 20 million gallons of water per day are treated and sent to the Cawelo Water District where it is then distributed to local farmers for agricultural use.

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