WSPA builds in-house lobbying team

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) welcomes Margo Parks as the newest addition to their organization.

“Margo’s energy, enthusiasm and understanding of California policy and politics will be a great asset to WSPA,” Catherine Reheis-Boyd, WSPA President, said.

Parks accepted the newly formed position of Manager, California Policy Advocate, where she will work with WSPA’s members, navigating policy and politics to help achieve the organization’s goals in the legislature.

“I’m excited to help tell the oil industry’s story during this pivotal time in California, while legislators are designing policies that both protect our environment and ensure that Californians have the energy they need to power this great state’s economy,” Parks said.

Prior to joining WSPA, Parks was an associate lobbyist at Political Solutions,   working on issues ranging from tax policy to agriculture to natural resources. Prior to her time at Political Solutions, she served as the Director of Government Relations for the California Cattlemen’s Association.

She is a former Capitol staffer and Senate Fellow, and a graduate of Scripps College, Claremont.



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