WSPA litigation to promote sound climate change policy in Oregon

There is no more important issue than our energy future and how climate policy affects costs, energy reliability and how Oregonians can live their lives each day.  We must get this right. That is why our industry is bringing our people, innovation and investments to the urgent work of finding solutions that include lower carbon and sustainable energy sources.

While we work diligently in this area, we also work with stakeholders, community partners and lawmakers to support public policies that can make a real difference in addressing climate change, while also ensuring Oregonians have access to reliable and affordable fuels.

As we pursue good policy, we also must oppose the bad, and today we have filed a lawsuit in the Oregon Court of Appeals to challenge the validity of the Oregon Climate Protection Program and the authority of the Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Quality Commission to impose it.

While this legal action moves forward, WSPA and its members will continue its work to tackle climate challenges while deliver the energy Oregonians need every day.

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