WSPA Statement on CARB’s approval of the Advanced Clean Cars II rule

Western States Petroleum Association President and CEO Catherine Reheis-Boyd has issued the following statement in response to CARB’s approval of the Advanced Clean Cars II rule.

“In just over three years, the sales of electric vehicles—that average $66,000 each—will need to more than double. There is no plan to make that happen. We only have 11% of the needed charging infrastructure for this plan and taxpayers will be paying billions rushing to add new chargers while trying to keep the lights on. Tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs and rising costs for fuel will be borne by those that can’t afford an electric vehicle. This is what this decision means for California.

“There are better ways to meet our important climate goals without bans, mandates and forcing all Californians into one form of energy. We will continue to work with legislators, regulators and national officials to pursue better paths and timelines on climate policy for Californians and the country.”

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