WSPA Response to California Governor’s 2022 State of the State

“There is no more important issue than our energy future and how that affects climate policy, costs and how Californians live their lives each day. And, unfortunately, rather than looking to what we can do together to create an energy future that balances our environmental, energy and equity needs, Governor Newsom once again chose to divide and double down on his efforts to demonize, exclude and ban the innovative and hardworking people of our industry from being a part of the solution.

“That is not the ‘California Way.’

“While the Governor acknowledges the big burden of California’s taxes and regulatory fees on California’s families by proposing a gas tax rebate, he ignores the fact that the energy our industry provides is not only needed now, as those who can least afford it are facing higher energy costs, but for decades to come.

“Ignoring the facts and denying the data that shows we need an ‘all of the above approach’  to energy, is also not the ‘California Way.’

“Our role as energy providers is to bring innovation, resources and hard work to ensuring access to a stable supply of energy, both here and abroad. Californian and American energy leadership and independence, achieved by our people producing and refining fuels under the toughest environmental standards in the world, can serve as a stabilizing force that strengthens domestic energy security.

“If the Newsom Administration would approve the more than 1,000 permits for new production that have been waiting for months, and in some cases years, California could immediately increase supplies of affordable, reliable energy for ourselves and the West. These permits will allow the industry to quickly begin producing oil domestically and reduce the need to increase imports from foreign sources, like Russia.

“Rather than bans and mandates or withholding permits for production, California should be focused on an ‘all of the above’ approach to ensure we have a reliable and affordable supply of energy – for now and the future.  An “all of the above approach,” inspires innovation in energy development and technologies like carbon capture, encourages immediate work to achieve emissions reductions and keeps our most important resources – our people – engaged in their careers, involved in their communities and doing the hard work to meet the energy needs of our state.   As we bring on more renewable and sustainable energy sources, we can acknowledge the fact that the affordable energy our industry provides will be needed for decades to come.

“The real ‘California Way’ is inclusive of problem solvers like the people of industry and rejects simplistic slogans and bans masquerading as solutions.  Let’s choose real solutions, real work, and end the mandates, issue permits and allow our people produce and refine the affordable energy California’s families need now.”



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