WSPA Statement on California’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

WSPA President and CEO Catherine Reheis-Boyd has issued the following statement regarding NBC’s article on California’s dependence on foreign oil.

“The story of California’s dependence on foreign oil is not new. But what continues to go unreported is how bans and mandates on in-state production are already hurting Californians.  Right now, only 30 percent of the oil we need is produced in-state by California workers.  The Newsom Administration wants to ban all production, guaranteeing complete dependence on foreign oil. We believe for the foreseeable future, producing more of our energy in-state, under the toughest environmental regulations in the world, is a critical part of an equitable energy transition.

“Shaming Californians for their energy use is unhelpful.  California leads the world in environmental, health and safety protections and the fight against climate change. Californians pay for this leadership through higher consumer costs and restrictions on the types of products and vehicles we can purchase and how we live our lives.

“California needs policies that recognize the real world and the continued need for affordable, reliable energy to get to work, get kids to school and live our lives while growing the world’s fifth largest economy.”


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