Christine Luther Zimmerman

Christine Luther Zimmerman joined the WSPA team in 2018 and serves as a Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs at WSPA where her focus is on regulatory issues in the areas of water, air and land use. Christine leads WSPA’s California State Water Committee where her background in water policy and strategic resource management serve to inform WSPA’s members on a range of issues. Christine serves on the Central Valley Salinity Coalition and Kern Water Collaborative Board of Directors. She also leads the WSPA efforts in the PFAS space at the Federal, State and regional level.

In the area of air quality, Christine serves on air district committees and is currently focused on issues surrounding emission credit banking systems and State Implementation Plan support. Christine ensures WSPA leverages its technical expertise to the maximum extent to effectively advocate WSPA’s positions in the legislative and regulatory arenas. She also focuses on Methane policy at the State and regional levels.

Prior to joining WSPA, Christine owned Zimmerman Consulting, providing regulatory affairs services to oil producers in the San Joaquin Valley in the area of produced water management. In that role, she helped develop surface and groundwater salinity policy with the CV-SALTS Executive Committee.
Christine earned a Master of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the Mackay School of Mines at University of Nevada, Reno as well as a bachelor’s degree in Geology with a minor in Mathematics from California State University Bakersfield.

As a first-generation college graduate, Christine developed a heart and passion for providing encouragement and inspirational pathways for non-traditional and disadvantaged students to pursue careers in energy. In support of that passion, Christine serves on the San Joaquin Valley American Petroleum Institute and Society of Exploration Geophysicists Boards, and the Pyles Boys Camp event committee. These organizations support personal development and education and outreach in STEM and energy.

Christine leads the WSPA Associates San Joaquin Valley Chapter, which is a natural fit as she, her husband and daughter call Bakersfield home and have a lifetime of friendships and relationships in the industry and the community.

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