In this time of crisis, our values unite us

Our society is weathering unprecedented times. And in this period of uncertainty, as an industry, we are holding steadfast to the values that unite us – the wellbeing and safety of our people, communities and the world we share. I’m proud to represent the men and women providing the energy that is fueling transportation and powering our homes and communities.

We remain committed to innovation, to safety and to environmental sustainability. Not only to support the response to this crisis, but to meet the challenge of creating a sustainable energy future that works for everyone.

As we speak, thousands of researchers, engineers and scientists across the oil and gas sector are continuing their essential work to innovate as creatively, persistently and inclusively as possible to address our shared challenges. And we stand committed to work collaboratively with policymakers and regulators to ensure that, together, we continue to protect the world we all share.

Over the next several weeks we plan to share stories from our industry’s employees about the part they are playing – and the pride they are taking – in the work being done to ensure our society has the energy and fuel it needs to keep us all safe.

We believe in the Power in Everybody.

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