WSPA Young Professionals Series: Part 1

WSPA is proud to introduce our new “Young Professionals Series,” highlighting recent college graduates who decided to launch their professional career in the oil & gas industry. This ongoing series will feature some of the newer faces in oil & gas, while giving an inside look into the opportunities our industry provides to recent grads.

For our first installation of the series, we spoke to University of Texas at Austin graduate, Daniele Brambilla. As an immigrant from Italy, Daniele’s career in oil and gas has allowed him to become financially independent and provided invaluable skills applicable to both work and life.

Name: Daniele Brambilla

Year Graduated College: 2018

School and Degree: The University of Texas at Austin – B.A. Economics, Business Foundations Certification and Energy Management Certificate

Employer: Chevron

Job Title: Land Representative


What inspired you to pursue a career in oil & gas?

When I first enrolled in college at The University of Texas, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue and knew very little about oil & gas. I had no family members in the industry and, back home in Italy, no one knew much about the opportunities that a career in oil & gas could provide. After changing majors and exploring options, thanks to the many friends and mentors I met, I had decided the oil & gas industry was the right one for me. The career I wanted to pursue was to be a Petroleum Landman, I loved the idea of being able to use my technical knowledge to my soft skills, having a role in which each day was a new challenge and experience, a job that engaged a variety of roles and collaborated with a diverse group of people and that was international and had opportunities around the globe. I was also fortunate enough that I found Landmen who quickly became mentors and friends, who supported and guided me, and who embraced my culture and provided an inclusive and welcoming environment for me to learn and develop.

How has the industry helped you grow professionally?

Professionally, it’s been the people that make up this industry that have influenced me the most, as it is thanks to their mentorship and guidance that I was able to enroll into a program for a job that, 6 months prior, I didn’t even know existed. After the program, I was able to find the right opportunities and continue living in the United States, opportunities to foster my strengths and skills, and, most importantly, opportunities to acquire new ones. I’ve also been able to work with and learn from a very diverse group of colleagues, both in background and in discipline, and hear about their experiences. As part of my role, I’ve also learned about the immense detail and care that gets put in each project worked on, and how protecting people and the environment is the priority. Lastly, this industry is unique in which it employs a vast range of disciplines to work together, this collaboration greatly enhances my knowledge of skills outside of my own, allowing me to be a well-rounded professional, capable of working effectively with people in roles outside of my own.

How has the industry helped you grow personally?

Thanks to working and engaging with people in the industry, I’ve been able to become a more confident person, a self-motivated individual who isn’t afraid to tackle the difficult and step outside my comfort zone. I’ve also been able to learn how to better interact and work with a diverse set of people. This industry is composed of a multitude of individuals from all walks and disciplines, working together and supporting each other to get the job done right. As someone who came from abroad, there is also a cultural learning that is incredibly important in order to connect with the local community. My colleagues, both the ones from the US and the ones who came from abroad like myself, have helped me develop that cultural understanding and awareness so I can better understand and engage with the local community, both professionally and personally.

Anything else you would like to add about your experience as a young professional in the oil and gas industry?

My career in oil and gas has given me the ability to provide for my family, educate myself, become financially independent, and interact with people from all around the world and in all disciplines. It has given me the opportunity to work on difficult tasks and challenge myself beyond what I thought a job would, teaching me invaluable skills that don’t only apply in the workforce, but also in life. My colleagues and industry peers have been mentors from when I was still in college, giving me the advice that, as an immigrant to the United States, opened many doors and opportunities. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves so far and look forward to seeing where this industry will take me in the future.

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