WSPA Young Professionals Series: Part 3

WSPA is proud to continue our “Young Professionals Series” to introduce recent college graduates who are embarking their careers in the oil & gas industry. We asked them for their thoughts as they start to explore opportunities within our industry.

In this installation, we spoke to Mark Guza, graduate of Purdue University. Mark is passionate about the technical work associated with this industry that has allowed him to gain both field and office experience.

Name: Mark Guza

Year Graduated College: 2018

School and Degree: Purdue University (Mechanical Engineering)

Employer: Shell Oil Products

Job Title: Rotating Equipment Engineer


What inspired you to pursue a career in oil & gas?

Having a mechanical engineering background, the oil and gas industry naturally attracted me. The unique opportunity to gain technical experience with pumps, compressors, vessels, and other mechanical equipment was extremely appealing when I was deciding on an industry. Another thing that attracted me to the oil & gas industry was the opportunity to have both field and office experience which was possible at an oil and gas refinery.

How has the industry helped you grow professionally?

The oil and gas industry has helped me grow professionally by providing opportunities to network with peers, experts, and leaders from all over the world. The sheer size of the industry creates opportunities in itself. I have developed my communication, leadership, as well as problem solving skills everyday I work in the industry.

How has the industry helped you grow personally?

The oil and gas industry has helped me grow personally in many ways. I have developed my soft skills and this industry has taught me that the act of developing meaningful relationships is extremely important. Personally, I have gained confidence in approaching unfamiliar situations which has affected my life as a whole, even outside of work.

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