Will Nevada Follow California?

Nevada is one of 17 states that can follow California’s policy on vehicle emission standards and sales requirements for cars and trucks without a vote of the people. This means Nevada may be subject to California’s new mandate that will begin eliminating sales of gas and diesel cars and trucks starting in 2026. By 2035, ALL sales of new gas and diesel cars and trucks will be illegal in CA . . . and maybe Nevada.

If adopted by Nevada regulators, the new mandate will eliminate your ability to choose what vehicle is best for you and your family and will be costly:

  • The average cost of an electric vehicle is $66,0000
  • The California regulation is expected to increase the cost of vehicle ownership by about $6,000 per car between 2026 and 2035
  • And, what about the costs for the hundreds of thousands of chargers that will be needed along highways and at homes and apartments to charge the mandated EVs?

As a Section 177 state, Nevada could implement California’s regulations without any vote of the people.

Will Nevada be next? Ask your elected officials.





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