Call to Action: Tell CEC to Put Safety Over Politics

UPDATE: The CEC removed the refinery maintence discussion from its April 11 workshop, but stay tuned!

There will be future opportunities to urge decisionmakers to put safety over politics. In the meantime, hear directly from the experts who work inside our state’s refineries and how they feel about mandates to refinery maintenance. 

California politicians are pressuring the California Energy Commission (CEC) to dictate oil & gas refinery maintenance schedules as a way to try and influence market prices. Taking maintenance decisions away from skilled on-site technicians undermines the safety of workers
and refinery communities.

We need your help telling the CEC to put safety over politics.

Fact #1
Oil companies’ highest priority is safety for refinery workers, contractors and the surrounding communities when it comes to day-to-day operations and maintenance.

Fact #2
Not a single independent expert has concluded that dictating maintenance schedules would provide any price relief for Californians. In fact, these efforts would undermine years of safety and research by taking maintenance decisions away from skilled on-site technicians.

Fact #3
Refinery maintenance events are highly complex and are governed by long-standing state, federal and local safety regulations. They do not lend themselves to rescheduling based on snap decisions to try and “time the market.”

Fact #4
The CEC does not have the history, training or expertise in managing complex refining operations to try and micromanage refinery maintenance. What the CEC presents is in direct conflict with the industry’s safety-first standards.

Use your voice to tell policymakers to put safety standards over politics by attending or calling into the SB X1-2 Pre-Rulemaking Workshop.

Workshop details to come.


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